Written By: Don Mercer, HS Principal

Our school’s mission statement was crafted very carefully…some might even say inspirationally.  This semester as we reflect on our mission statement’s key words and phrases, the first of those inspirational and almost magical words to appear is inspire.

We aim to inspire students.

Why inspire instead of simply teach?  Why not, ‘we aim to teach and equip our students?’

When I hear the word inspire, many other positive images and positive words come to my mind.  Enthusiasm.  Joy.  Wonder.  Warmth.  Even contagious laughter.  People and teachers who have inspired me in my life regularly exhibited these qualities.

That list alone is probably sufficient reason to embrace the word inspire.  Of course teach is a good word too, but teach can sometimes feel dry and monotonous.  I like inspire.

There exists, however, an even more appealing and deeper reason that the word inspire was carefully and purposefully chosen.  Inspire indicates that a transfer has taken place.  No longer is it just the teacher who happens to be joyful and enthused and full of wonder.  The interaction between teacher and student results in the student now exhibiting those same qualities.

Students who are inspired are internally motivated.  Inspired students believe the ideas they are engaged with are important, are fascinating, are meaningful, are relevant.

We aim to inspire, and the first step to inspiring anyone is first to be inspired ourselves.  It is probably another topic for another day, but at Rosslyn, we understand that our inspiration springs from a Christian worldview.

Ask our teachers someday about their Christian worldview and you will hear an inspired voice.  We know firsthand the importance of being inspired and we seek to pass that inspiration on to others.