Entrance Testing

Who needs to take the entrance exams?

Entrance testing is the norm. However, students may be exempted if they are coming directly from schools similar to Rosslyn Academy, such as from another North American accredited schools. Students may also be exempted if they have standardized test records with US norms within one school year of their grade preference.

All non-exempted students grades 2-12 also complete an English and math admission test. Test scores will be compared to those of Rosslyn Academy students. For admittance, applicants will need to achieve the 50th percentile, which is the US norm. Rosslyn Academy students average around the 60-70th percentile.

Why entrance testing?

Entrance testing provides a process to ensure incoming students have a high likelihood of succeeding academically at Rosslyn Academy.  More than 95% of students who graduate from high school at Rosslyn Academy attend university in North America, Europe, Korea or Africa. Rosslyn's curriculum is therefore academically intensive and targets college preparation. Every student is expected to desire academic success, and Rosslyn's faculty is personally committed to nurture and encourage academic growth.

Successful Candidate for Admission are:

  • ranked in the upper half of their present school
  • have grades/marks in the average range
  • have positive feedback from teachers in the areas of effort, ability and behavior
When does testing occur?

Kindergarten and first grade readiness testing occurs in March-April before the new school year.
First grade readiness testing occurs in March-April before the new school year.