Written by: David Matlak, Director of Spiritual Life

“Rosslyn Academy’s mission is to inspire and equip each student to develop their God-given gifts for Christ-like service in the world community.”

At Rosslyn Academy we strongly believe that God, the creator of all things, has made each student and has given them unique gifts.

In light of this truth, how does Rosslyn Academy equip our students as they grow and mature in our midst?

Four aspects of this important work come to mind.

First, to equip students means that we must help them identify their gifts.  Though this may seem obvious, a large part of our work at Rosslyn is helping students realize their gifts. This is often a slow journey where patient and caring teachers work alongside parents in order to guide students in the process of self-discovery.

Second, we provide a safe environment for students to grow in using their gifts.  Whether it is in the classroom, on the stage, or at the playing field, young people become better equipped when they can practice and grow within a caring community.  Equipping our students also means that we must sometimes nudge students beyond the edges of where they feel comfortable while still surrounding them with the encouragement that will help them mature.

Third, to equip students we must develop their areas of weakness.  Rather than neglecting those areas and only playing to their strengths, we seek to help students persevere as they develop into well-rounded persons.  As we do this, our students will be better equipped to move beyond our borders and out into the world to successfully navigate the many challenges that they will undoubtedly encounter.

Fourth, as a Christian school, Rosslyn firmly believes that we are best equipped to use our God-given gifts when we are in right relationship with God.  Just as our first parents, Adam and Eve, marred their relationship with God by disobeying his loving instructions, all of us are in need of restoration in our relationship with God.  The greatest gift on offer to each of us is the free gift of God’s grace made available to every person.  Through the loving sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and by his rising again from the dead, God has made it possible for us be in right relationship with Him and to live a new life now and into eternity.  When we come to this understanding by faith, we begin to discover that we are equipped with a far deeper and richer use for our God-given gifts.

Our prayer at Rosslyn Academy is that every student would grow in their understanding of this life-changing gift that God offers to each of us so that we might become fully equipped for Christ-like service in the world community.