How teaching French and Kiswahili has deepened my Faith in God

By: James Nyagetiria (MS/HS French and HS Kiswahili Teacher)

Teaching French and Kiswahili as world languages is an astonishingly good gift from our good and gracious God. Indeed God speaks in the language of World Languages. Every morning during the first lesson, I dedicate three to five minutes to pray with my students of French 1. We thank God for the opportunity of learning a foreign language. I always encourage students to give their very best in learning both Kiswahili and French because one day one time, they may find themselves working as missionaries within Kenyan and Francophone communities. These languages will facilitate their travelling and communication to serve in different spheres of human life for the glory of God.

It gives me a lot of encouragement as students get to learn new vocabulary and use it in their conversations. I do stress the importance of using the language they learn for the glory of God. It gives me a lot of spiritual satisfaction to see students of French and Kiswahili write well-crafted essays: I have every reason to praise God. From time to time, students, parents and colleagues have thanked me for the good work am doing with students. This has indeed deepened my faith in God since giving one’s best in imparting knowledge is a perfect example of following Christ’s example. I know that God is using my academic labors not only to prepare my students to better know and engage His world but also to shape their hearts and minds in conformity to the character of Jesus Christ to enable us more faithfully to love Him and to love our neighbors.

Colossians 3:23 states, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord, not for people.” My attitude towards teaching both French and Kiswahili has consistently been positive and students have also demonstrated a positive attitude towards these languages as I teach them.