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Rosslyn Academy is excited to announce the launch of our new Alumni Relations program.  There are a number of reasons why this is exciting for both Rosslyn alumni (everyone who has ever attended Rosslyn) and for the school.  Here are our top three:

We want to get our current students connected to the past: Knowing the stories of those who have come before them, is a powerful inspiration to our current students.  It also gives them a sense of being a part of something larger than themselves.  In order to build that sense of history and mission in our students, we would like to hear your stories.  To help facilitate the sharing of stories among alumni we are going to be launching a new Rosslyn alumni Facebook page (facebook/rosslynalumni), and an alumni google forum linked to our webpage.

We want to get our alumni reconnected to Rosslyn’s present:  There is something deeply encouraging and rewarding about hearing that the mission of your ‘old school’ lives on.  For this reason we would like to tell you a bit about the school that Rosslyn has become over the years.  We believe this story is an exciting one.

Today Rosslyn is privileged to provide an outstanding international Christian education to approximately 650 students from over 50 different nationalities (40% of whom are MKs).  Our reputation as the leading Christian day school in Nairobi has led to a rapidly growing demand for a Rosslyn education that, at most grade levels, means we are full with wait lists.  Significantly, this is not primarily because of our strong AP scores and our impressive track record in college admissions; but rather because we have been increasingly successful in living out our mission statement.  That mission is to, ‘inspire and equip each student to develop their God-given gifts for Christ-like service in the world community’.  This aim of helping each student maximize their unique gifts and abilities in the service of God and others is bearing significant fruit.  Today Rosslyn students and alumni are making a tremendous impact around the world.  Check out a few of their stories here.

We want our alumni to reconnect with each other: One way we are working to help you get reconnected to each other is through Facebook.  Our new official Facebook page is:  facebook/rosslynalumni.  But there are also several informal Facebook pages that have been around much longer.  The friends list on the Facebook page of our Rosslyn Academy International Director, Dan King, is also a particularly rich resource for reconnecting with long lost Rosslyn friends.  Other informal pages where the Rosslyn community is active can be found by searching “Rosslyn Academy”.


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