Going Green Initiative

Why we feel this is a significant and important project?

Financial Stewardship – As a non-profit, all revenue at Rosslyn goes towards the costs of its educational mission. Every year, Rosslyn spends approximately US $180,000 on electrical bills and an estimated $40,000 more goes to replacing items ruined by power fluctuations and running the gas generator during extended power cuts – and these numbers are increasing significantly each year.  These savings will have a significant and positive impact on our school’s financial health and educational mission.

Environmental Stewardship – As a Christian school, we take seriously the mandate in Scripture to be good stewards of God’s creation – not only to honor our Creator but as an act of love and service towards “our neighbor”. Going to renewable energy in the form of Solar energy will diminish our environmental footprint drastically.

Mission-compatible – Whenever our resources are aimed more directly at the classroom, we are supporting the achievement of our school’s mission – ‘to inspire and equip each student to develop their God-given gifts for Christ-like service in the world community.’ ‘Going Green’ in such an obvious way is not just financially and environmentally positive, it also is a very visible and practical way for us to model to our students and the wider community our Christian values and beliefs.

Legacy – The impact of the financial savings from this project on the school’s educational mission will be lasting and ever-increasing. The sooner we start, the sooner the impact begins.

Service – Going to entirely sustainable solar energy will save about $100K per year once the costs are covered – in 5 years. When this is done, we plan to commit 10% of savings towards supporting sustainable energy for local Kenyan public schools, with students and staff, researching and partnering in implementing local programs within long-term local relationships.

Current Solar Usage