Hiyabel Tewoldemedhin- Class of 2007
Standford University- MBA Program


What have you been up to since graduating from Rosslyn in 2007?

I left to study at Stanford, and graduated with a BA in Economics and International Relations. Worked in strategy consulting for tech-driven companies in Chicago for the next three years, after which I moved back home to Nairobi to join a vibrant startup – EatOut Kenya – as its General Manager.

What did you love most about Rosslyn?

The people. Some of my closest friends and favorite teachers of all time are, to this day, ones I met at Rosslyn. I was encouraged to challenge myself in ways I wouldn’t have with lesser teachers.

How did Rosslyn have an influence on your life?

The incredibly diverse community, especially culturally, has since made me genuinely comfortable around people different from me. There’s something unique about the Rosslyn experience – a very small community, with graduates who take different paths but who still understand that they shared something rare at Rosslyn.

What lies in the future for you?

I’m heading back to Stanford in a month for business school. After that, who knows? I’d definitely love to move back to Nairobi in the next five years or so, debt repayments and work permits permitting…