Introducing the Mission & Vision Series

Rosslyn Academy is entering into its 73rd year as an international Christian school.  While they had a clear vision for the school, it is safe to say that the school’s founders would be stunned by Rosslyn’s growth and the influence it is now having through the thousands of former students that are now spread out across the globe.

As we begin this new year, we do so with gratitude for the generations of teachers and students that have come before us and the legacy of Christ-like service they left that we continue to seek to build upon.  We also begin knowing that the things that have made Rosslyn such a distinct and special learning community did not happen by accident and will not continue to flourish without God’s blessing and our intentionality.

In the first semester of the Superintendent’s blog for the 2018-2019 school year we are going to be focusing on those items that are at the center of Rosslyn’s culture and ethos – our mission statement and our core values.  Twice a month, this space will be filled with a new post from a staff member that focuses on a key element of these “cores”.

We will begin with our mission statement: “Rosslyn Academy inspires and equips each student to develop their God-given gifts for Christ-like service in the world community.”

In August we will look at “inspires”.  What do we mean when we say we hope to inspire?  What can that look like in practice as we seek to be an ever-increasingly vibrant and dynamic learning community?  In September we will look at the phrases “equip” and “each student”.  That will be followed by “God-given gifts” and “Christ-like service” in the month of October.

November and December you will see blog posts on our core values:  Intellectual Virtue, Excellence, Community, Service, and Christ-likeness.  We hope that these posts will not only be encouraging and informative, but that they will help spark additional conversations about what these powerful words and phrases can look like when lived out well.

With appreciation,

Dr. Philip Dow