Elementary School

Rosslyn Academy Elementary School is a vibrant international community where we create smiles with excellent learning and excellent loving.

Students from all over the world come together with North American trained and certified teachers to build a community in which we learn from each other in an atmosphere of caring, discovery and inquiry. Quality teaching and learning are key to growth in our children — academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.



Rosslyn Academy seeks to educate the whole student, not only academically, but spiritually as well.  Rosslyn is intentional in this as classes begin each day with morning devotions and prayer.  Each grade’s curriculum also includes a Bible class that is developmentally fit to that age’s understanding.  Each week there is a chapel period composed of singing and a variety of learning activities. In addition, each year there is a Spiritual Emphasis Week when time is set aside to focus on knowing God better and learning more about Him.


Kenya has a rich heritage, and we want to ensure that Rosslyn students are immersed in this as much as possible.  Students in grades 1-5 participate in a Kiswahili and Kenyan Culture class as one of their specials.   Kiswahili has also been incorporated into the K-2nd grade physical education classes.  These classes are taught predominantly  in Kiswahili to introduce students to the language.  In 5th grade, students participate in a Cultural Field Study.  This 3-day trip gives  students a chance to experience Kenyan culture first hand.



Rosslyn believes that all students can learn, and that the school's task is to provide an environment in which students are motivated to learn. Rosslyn strives to help students go beyond the assimilation of information to the application of what has been learned and the integration of the broader concepts. It is also important to help students learn to evaluate their own progress and take ownership of their learning.  It is the school's task to help make this happen, recognizing that it happens at different rates with different individuals.

The Elementary School has core subject, self-contained classes at each grade level. Additionally there are specialist teachers for art, physical education, science, music (vocal and/or band), technology, health and character, Kiswahili and Kenyan Culture, and library skills.

Please see the Elementary Documents page for curriculum guides for each grade level.

Co-Curricular Activities

Rosslyn Academy Elementary School offers a wide variety of clubs, teams, and groups outside of the regular classroom, and students are encouraged to participate to enhance and enrich their academic experience.

Intramural sports are held after school one day a week for the 3rd through 5th graders. All students are encouraged to participate, and all who do so play in the games. The emphasis is on participation, enjoyment, and learning game skills.   There are normally four sports seasons with final games in each season.  Sports seasons typically include soccer, touch rugby, field hockey and basketball.

In addition, an after-school competitive swim team is available to all students, from kindergarten to 12th grade, who qualify through try-outs. This swim team practices at the swimming pool on Rosslyn Academy’s campus.

For a comprehensive list of Co-Curricular Offerings download our Elementary School Handbook.


Rosslyn wants to instill the value of service in students from a very young age.  This is done through various class service projects at each grade level, through the 5th Grade Student Service team and the annual school-wide Christmas Project.  Elementary students are always eager to serve and set the participation standard high for the Middle School and High School.  Rosslyn fosters a culture of service among elementary students.