High School

Rosslyn Academy provides a world-class Christian education to the international community in Nairobi, Kenya.  Rosslyn offers a full American system college preparatory curriculum, and works to nurture lifelong learners in preparation for higher education and future careers in business, medicine, education, research, development, government and more.



The integration of faith and learning is an essential component of the core values and mission of Rosslyn.  A wide range of opportunities for spiritual growth are available and encouraged for Rosslyn Academy High School students inside and outside the classroom.

Each student participates in Christian Religious Education (CRE) courses each year of attendance. A variety of age-appropriate courses provide opportunities for students to interact with Scripture and to better understand the teachings of Christianity.  The courses include Old Testament (9th grade), New Testament (10th grade), World Religions (11th or 12th grade), Ethics (11th or 12th grade), Christian Leadership (elective), Christianity and Culture (elective) and Discipleship (elective).

Students also attend weekly chapel services which are designed to teach, disciple, and encourage those who already have a personal relationship with Christ, while inspiring and drawing to faith those of other faith backgrounds. We develop unity as we worship and pray together. In addition, each year the high school dedicates a week to spiritual formation and learning.  This week is called Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW). During this week, guest speakers challenge students to evaluate their spiritual lives and to dedicate themselves more fully to God’s purposes for their lives.

Finally, faculty members are committed believers who provide a devotional time and prayer at the start of each school day. Many students also participate in small student centered covenant groups that are typically led by staff members or local Christian youth leaders.  These small groups work to challenge the students to grow in Christian knowledge and faith, to be accountable to each other and to serve one another.


One of the highlights of each school year is a one-week field placement in locations all across Kenya. The Cultural Field Studies program emphasizes cultural experience, education and service. Activities such as living in a rural community or building a house with Habitat for Humanity help connect students to the Kenya beyond Nairobi, while fostering a broader understanding of the world community.



Rosslyn Academy’s High School offers a full college preparatory curriculum within the American school system.  The staff are dedicated teachers who come with a genuine desire to educate and to serve. A high focus on academic excellence is placed across all core subjects — Science, Math, English, and Social Studies — providing freshman through senior-level courses in each core area. Additionally, there is an extensive Advanced Placement program that allows students to take college level courses and earn college credit through a rigorous study and exam process.  Rosslyn Academy has one of largest and most successful Advanced Placement (AP) programs in Africa.  It has been invaluable for students seeking entrance in top Us, Canadian and European universities.  Visit the AP section of the website for more information.

Twenty-four Carnegie units are required for graduation including 4 English, 3 Math, 3 Social Studies, 3 Science, 1.5 Physical Education (including Health), 1.5 Fine Arts and 0.5 Technology Units. Students are required to take one semester of Christian Religious Education each year of their attendance. The year-long Senior Social Studies class, required for seniors, includes study in Economics, Current Events and Comparative Government. The course culminates in “Senior Seminar,” comprised of a 10-12 page research paper and a thirty-minute multi-media presentation.

Fine and Applied Arts

Participation in the arts is a key component to providing a well-rounded student experience. Students at Rosslyn Academy have many opportunities to participate in the arts, including performing, visual and applied arts. High school students select from a large catalog of options in choral and instrumental music, drama, and art to take as electives throughout their time in high school.

With Rosslyn Academy’s vision to equip, inspire and celebrate the artistic development of each student, each student must earn 1.5 credits in the Fine Arts and .5 of a credit in Applied Arts as part of their high school graduation requirements. Students select from over 20 different electives including: AP Art History, AP Drawing, Worship 1 & 2, Introduction to Theatre, Rosslyn Singers, Web Design, Computer Programming, Computer Generated Art, Visual Journaling, Painting, 3D Art, Pottery 1 & 2, Photography, Advanced Photography, AP Studio Art, 2D Art, Illustration, High School Band, Foundations of Music, Woodworking 1 & 2, Stage Production and Textiles.

Outside of class, students also have many opportunities to participate in the arts. The theatre department stages two drama productions each year. Recent drama productions include The Lion, The Witch and The WardrobeMid-summer Night’s DreamSeussicalDiary of Anne FrankThe Sound of Music, Amazons and Swallows, and  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The productions incorporate detailed staging, costuming and lighting. The students participate as actors, singers, stage-hands, set designers, lighting and sound technicians and assistant directors. Months of practice and preparation culminate in multiple nights of sold out shows that speak to the quality of the acting and production.

Finally, both middle and high school chapels are led by student worship bands, and all students have the option to take private voice or instrument lessons on campus as well.


Rosslyn Academy High School students enjoy an extensive athletic program which competes in the the KAIIS league.  This is a group of Independent International Schools dedicated to designing, implementing and promoting superior athletic events and inter-school initiatives among its member schools and student participants.  It is comprised of 25 of the top college prep schools in Nairobi and Nakuru.  Rosslyn also partners with Christian International Schools from around East Africa to join together to expand our competition and camaraderie by hosting an annual sports tournament in different locations around East Africa on a yearly basis.

At Rosslyn the athletic competition is divided into 3 separate seasons and fields over 20 different teams. Most sports field an “A” and a “B” squad which allows for greater participation and assists with the development of younger players for the tougher competition at the “A” level.  Rosslyn competes in girls and boys football, basketball, track and field, volleyball, swimming and tennis. Rosslyn also fields a boys rugby team.  Over half of the high school student body participates in at least one sport.

The athletic squads have enjoyed success on the fields of competition, which is reflected by the many trophies outside of the gymnasium. Rosslyn plays to win, but as with all areas of the school, the focus is on developing the body, mind and soul of the student-athlete. The belief is how the student plays matters as much as the final score.

The coaching staff work to develop character, teamwork and sportsmanship in the athletes. Rosslyn encourages athletic participation because it teaches virtues such as desire, dedication,  and discipline as well as builds community with their peers.


Another avenue for developing spiritual growth is loving and serving the local community through many grade level and school level programs. Rosslyn has a school-wide Christmas Project that is especially worthy of note. Over the last 8 years the school has raised over 4.5M Ksh to support the local efforts of organizations such as Thika School for the Blind, St. Peter’s Orphanage, The Nest, Life 4 Kenya, and New Dawn Education Center.