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Rosslyn Sports & Sales Reporter: Monday January 16, 2012


2012-2013 RE-REGISTRATION FORMS were emailed to you this morning.  The purpose of these forms is to indicate your desire to re-enroll your child/children for the 2012-2013 school year.  Please complete and return these forms by Monday, February 13.

If you did not receive it, or have any questions, please email Mary (admissions@rosslynacademy.com

Thank you!


Activity Bus

Mon – 5:30

Tues – 5:30

Wed – 5:30

Thurs – 5:30

Fri – None

Upcoming Games:

  • Saturday, Jan. 21 – A Basketball at Nairobi International Tournament, 9:00 & A. Boys’/Girls’ Hockey at ISK 7-aside Tournaments, 9:00
  • Tuesday, Jan. 24 – A Basketball (L) HOME v. German School, 4:00
  • Wednesday, Jan. 25 – A/B Basketball, B Football, A Girls’ Field Hockey (F) HOME v. RVA, 4:00
  • Thursday, Jan. 26 – A Boys’ Field Hockey (F) AT Imani, 4:00*, B Football AT Brookhouse, 4:00* – *=2:50 early dismissal
  • Saturday, Jan. 28 – A Football AT Braeburn Garden Estate Tournament, 9:00

Middle School Intramurals

Final Middle School Girls Intramural Soccer Standings

                                    Wins                Losses              Ties

  • White Team                   3                       1                     1
  • Green Team                   1                       3                     1

Results of recent games:

Thursday Dec. 8: Teams tied 1-1

Championship Game: Green defeated White 3-2

Middle School Girls Soccer Team

  • Abby K.
  • Angela W.
  • Anisa L.
  • Esther K.
  • Hanvit P.
  • Jerina A.
  • Joanne N.
  • Karen L.
  • Katie G.
  • Katie H.
  • Rachel R.
  • Salem B.
  • Tiffany R.
  • Ye Jeong L

Managers / Tournament Team Members

  • Mercy K.
  • Nikita S.
  • Hanny L.
  • Ji Hye K.
  • Natalie I.
  • Caeli K.

Attention all 8th grade Parents  

The 8th grade students have been busy preparing for the upcoming Middle School Model United Nations conference.  We are looking forward to wrapping up these lessons with presenting and debating our resolutions in a few weeks.  We will be traveling from school each day from Tuesday, January 24 until Friday, January 27.  More details will follow regarding our schedule of activities for that week and our transportation arrangements. For now, I wanted to make you aware of the dress code requirements for the conference.  This dress code is strictly enforced by the MUN organization, and I thank you in advance for your cooperation.  

The guidelines are listed below.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the MUN conference.  Thank you so much for your cooperation.  We are looking forward to a challenging and rewarding experience at the conference. 

 Anne Tipton    annet@rosslynacademy.com   0720-101-478

 MUN Dress Code

Students involved in the MUN in any capacity are expected to dress in professional business attire at all official MUN functions. This includes mock debates, educational workshops, lobbying day and all days of the MUN conference itself. (Professional attire is not required for the Jr Chairs or Securitary Training sessions nor is it required at the MUN closing dance.)

Male Students Attire

Acceptable attire for males:

Dress shirt (can be long sleeve or short sleeve – However, if a long sleeve shirt is worn, sleeves may not be folded. Top buttons of shirts must be closed at all times)
Tie (tied appropriately, should not be worn loosened around the neck)
Dress trousers
Dress shoes
Suit coat (optional)
School uniform (including shirt/tie/long trousers)

Unacceptable attire for males:

Blue jeans (or jeans of any other colour), corduroy or any kind of denim trousers
Baseball caps
Any type of hat (unless worn for religious purposes or as part of the national dress of home country or country being represented)
Un-tucked shirts (shirts are expected to be tucked in at all times)
Shorts of any type
T-shirts of any type worn as the primary shirt (t-shirts worn under a dress shirt are fine)
‘Sagging’ trousers – all trousers should be belted at waist level

Female Students Attire

Acceptable attire for females:

Women’s business suit with skirt/slacks, blouse and jacket
Professional dresses
Skirt/blouse combinations, although skirts must be around knee-length or below
Slacks and blouse combinations, tops that are sleeveless must have straps that are at least two inches thick
Dress shoes, sandals
Scarves as part of a professional ensemble or head-dress
Head coverings are fine if worn for religious purposes or as part of a national costume of the female’s home country or the country being represented
School uniform consisting of blouse with skirt/trousers

Unacceptable attire for females:

Jeans of any colour, corduroy or any kind of denim trousers, skirt or jacket. Fabrics that look similar to denim are also unacceptable.
Hats, berets, bandanas
Very tight, form fitting trousers
Trousers with studs, embroidery, or any other type of applied designs
Low-cut blouses/tops
Blouses that are very tight/form fitting
Shorts of any sort
Tops that reveal a bare midriff
T-shirts of any type

Sports Day Bake Sale

The MS student council will be having a bake sale during sports day (Jan 20).  Bring your cash and enjoy delicious homemade baked goods.  All proceeds will go towards the MS banquet for this year.  Please come and support your MS Student Council as we try to put on the best banquet ever!!!!  The sale will be located under the gym roof facing the varsity soccer field and will continue until we no longer have anything to sell.

MS Student Council

Are you or Do you know of someone??????

American tax advisor needed to assist with 2011 tax returns. Please contact rdunnmarcos@yahoo.com

Do You Need Help????

Enid Amagove is a graduand of a Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology awaiting results in March 2012. She would like to volunteer with any organization or individual that would require her services. She can be reached on: 0714 572 593 or email; ndamagove@yahoo.com

 Any assistance given to her will be highly appreciated.

Items for Sale 

 “Missionary couple in Kileleshwa leaving Kenya.  Immediate sale of listed items.  In addition there are numerous plants, kitchen items, drapes, wicker baskets, rugs, etc. 

Contacts are 0733-925125.”

Dennis & Donna Read

See Attached list of Items for Sale in Monday’s Reporter.

Delicious Freshly Baked goods Available

My worker Evelyn makes a variety of freshly baked goods. They can be picked up at my house or I can bring them to school most mornings.

The goods are: Cinnamon rolls 1/50ksh; White flour tortillas 10/ 220 ksh; Whole wheat and white wheat flour tortillas 10/240 ksh; Whole wheat flour tortillas 10/260 ksh; Chapatis with grated carrot 10/280 ksh; Brown chapatis with grated carrot 10/300 ksh; Dinner rolls 5/180 ksh. Please give 4 days notice.

Thanks, Pam Collins.  

Please call or send Evelyn a message on her phone.  Her number is:0727-875759 

Also; Brian Collins is selling Biltong. Traditional and Spicy Biltong to sell ( Authentic homemade South- African, dried beef snack) .  Sold, by 1/2 kg, or larger. Please contact at 0731-814522

Fresh Vegetables available – Order while stock lasts!! 

Sign up for weekly organic vegetable baskets from Mlango Farm. A variety of vegetables at a cost of 800 Ksh per week, every week different and fresh from the farm! 

We deliver at a pick up point in Riverside on Wednesdays and in Runda on Thursdays. 

For more information and registration form, please email info@mlango.org or call Els on 0728848296.

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