Cultural Experiences

An important component to educating the whole student is giving them the opportunity to experience and serve in the beautiful country of Kenya. Elementary School students take a course in Kenyan Culture and Language each year.  Beginning in 5th Grade, Rosslyn students participate in Cultural Field Studies, an opportunity to experience new parts of Kenya with their classmates and teachers.  In addition to these experiences, the Rosslyn Student body is composed of students from over 50 different countries, which gives our students exposure to a vast array of cultures on a daily basis.

Cultural Field Studies

Rosslyn Academy prepares students for service in the world community. One of the highlights of each school year are the Culture Field Study (CFS) trip that students take beginning in 5th Grade.

At the Elementary School level, the 5th Graders embark on their first Cultural Field Study.  This is a 3 day trip that introduces students to life in Kenya beyond Nairobi.

At the Middle School level, students disperse by grade level to various sites in Kenya for a 3 day field study.   The Cultural Field Studies program at this level is an opportunity for students to learn about Kenyan life, interact with locals, build camaraderie and gain various skills.

At the High School level, students spread out in small groups led by teachers to various sites all over the country for a week long field study.  The Cultural Field Studies program emphasizes cultural experience, education and service. Activities such as living in a rural Kenyan community for a week or building a house with Habitat for Humanity help connect students to the Kenya beyond Nairobi and foster a broader understanding of the world community.

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