Service and Leadership

Service is an important component in the educational experience provided at Rosslyn. Students at each grade level are taught the value of service and are given the opportunity to put this into action.

Active leadership development opportunities are provided in all schools. In elementary students are eligible for the fifth grade leadership team. In the Middle school and High school, students can apply to join the Middle School Student Council or the High School Student Leadership Team (SLT). High school students may also apply to join the National Honor Society (NHS). These groups are active in planning school events and opportunities for service to foster healthy and collaborative school culture.

Christmas Project

The Christmas Project is an annual event where the Rosslyn community voluntarily provides financial and/or material assistance for a worthy local charity. Through this God’s love is shown to those who are less fortunate. A committee of Rosslyn staff members receive applications and review them to identify particular “projects” which will help change lives and to see that all the funds given are used as intended.  Students take initiative to raise money through bake sales, toy drives, doing extra chores at home, class projects and other creative ways.  This project seeks to the teach the value in working together, generosity and giving back to the community.  In the past few years Rosslyn has been able to help a number of charitable organizations in significant ways.

Service Projects

Students are encouraged to participate in multiple types of service to others. Some activities and programs are directly facilitated by the school. This may mean a particular grade, class, or organization/club has chosen a project and students contribute to this effort. This type of service may take place during the school day, after school or on the weekend. This promote a shared learning experience of service and as a way for the school to model its commitment of service to others. In some cases completion of this type of service is a requirement for membership. For example, membership in the National Honor Society requires participation in school-facilitated service projects. Many students and community members also give additional service voluntarily on their own.

5th Grade Student Service Team

The 5th Grade Student Service Team (SST) is a program designed for students who are interested in growing personally and relationally, have a strong desire to serve the elementary school throughout the school year and want to be an integral part of fulfilling the Core Values of Rosslyn Academy. This team requires a genuine commitment to grow in responsibility, focus, courage and service. Throughout the year, students work as a team to practically and positively influence the lives of elementary students at Rosslyn. During regularly scheduled Wednesday meetings (and several weekend team-building days over the school year), a variety of stimulating activities encourage students to develop a greater sense of self-awareness, brainstorm ways to serve with greater effectiveness and improve listening and communication skills. Students explore various problem-solving strategies, understand characteristics of good leaders and work to develop conflict resolution skills.

Middle School Student Council 

Middle School Student Council (STUCO) seeks to serve the student body by planning and leading all-school activities during Spiritual Emphasis Week, Spirit Week, after school movie nights, and the Middle School Banquet. During their weekly meetings, the members of STUCO discuss ways to grow as leaders and better accomplish their mission of making Middle School a better place for everyone.

Student Leadership Team

The High School Student Leadership team is made up of students firmly committed to positively influencing the culture of Rosslyn Academy's High School. The students represent their peers to the administration and strive to creative an atmosphere of cooperation between students and teachers. They also plan many of the student activities throughout the course of the academic year. 

National Honor Society

The Rosslyn Academy National Honor Society has been established to promote the qualities of Leadership, Service, Character, and Scholarship. The National Honor Society consists of students in grades 10-12. The school’s membership in this national organization requires that Rosslyn develop and maintain standards that are consistent with the National Honor Society Constitution. The selection process for student membership considers the leadership, service, character and academic performance of the student.  The students are selected to this society by a council of five faculty members.

Middle School Model United Nations (MUN)

Rosslyn's location near the United Nations center for East Africa provides special opportunities for the student body. All 8th graders study the United Nations and its programs during the first semester of Social Studies; a select group study its procedures and prepare to participate in East Africa's Model United Nations conference. Early in the 2nd semester they go to the center and spend most of a week participating in a Junior Model United Nations program with about 500-600 other middle school/junior high students from schools throughout Nairobi and East Africa. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn logic, do research, make presentations and exhibit leadership.

High School Model United Nations (MUN) 

At the High School level, students may select a Model United Nations class which will instruct them in areas of debate, parliamentary procedures, resolution-writing and current events. These students will also participate in the East Africa Model United Nations Convention during the second semester of the school year.

 Worship Team

Students in Middle and High School have the opportunity to try out for their respective school's worship team.  These teams lead worship in the weekly chapel services held in each school. 

Athletic Team Captains

Athletic team captains are chosen for each sports team.  Team Captains take on a leadership role within the team and model good sportsmanship, character and work ethic.

High School Leadership Class

The topics in this class range from the history of leadership theory to current leadership practices. The backbone of this course is an examination of the essential skills and attitudes necessary for quality leadership from a Christian worldview. Coursework consists of discussions, case studies, reports, active role playing, and engaging in leadership opportunities. 

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