Over its 70 year history, Rosslyn Academy has grown into being a remarkable Christian learning community.  As we know from our conversations with you, parent and student surveys, and other anecdotal evidence, we have an engaged community who are well aware of our academic and extra-curricular programs and who are overwhelmingly pleased with their experience.  But what about the reasons that lie behind the activity that swirls around our campus?  What gives that activity significance and value?  Why do we do what we do?

This blog will be devoted to communicating our answer to these critical “why” questions.  It will be a chance for the school to share its vision for education and its aspirations for your child’s development.  We hope that the ideas that are shared here will not only help you understand and appreciate our school culture at a deeper level, but will help you connect the dots at Rosslyn and infuse each of these connecting points with greater significance, so that the vital partnership between parents and school will grow in richness and depth.

In the coming months, I will cover a host of topics related to our mission, beliefs, and core values.  I hope that it will play a small part in inspiring a larger conversation throughout our community regarding who we are and what excellence in international Christian education can look like.  Happy Reading, Dr. Phil Dow