Our Core Christian Beliefs

Because of the various cultures and Christian traditions represented among our staff and community, it is important to define, and then adhere to, core Christian beliefs as an institution.  Rosslyn Academy seeks to attract staff who agree with these core Christian beliefs and who are excited about integrating this core theology into their work and personal lives.   Together, we believe:

  • in The One Living God who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and is at work in the world today;
  • in the Bible as the Spirit-breathed Word of God, sacred and authoritative, divinely revealed through select servants of God’s work, fully reliable and trustworthy;
  • that out of love, God gave His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, to be born of a virgin and to live on this earth as a human being and to be subjected to the same pressures and temptations that we face today;
  • that although Jesus Christ lived a perfect life, God allowed Him to be crucified to fulfill the Scriptures and offer atonement for our sins;
  • that Christ rose from the dead after three days, and revealed Himself to many people who bore witness to this fact;
  • in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as the everlasting Trinity of God;
  • that the only way to salvation and to fellowship with God is through His Son, Jesus Christ; and
  • that salvation is a free gift received by understanding the gospel, repenting from sin, turning to Christ, and accepting him as Savior and Lord--resulting in a transforming, Christ-like lifestyle.

Further, we believe that in Jesus Christ, the message of redemption and reconciliation is expressed in both word and deed.  We rejoice in the movement of the Holy Spirit, who renews our spiritual lives and calls us to evangelism, peace building, and bringing justice in the world.  Education in this context prepares students to develop these concerns as well as the skills and tools necessary to contribute responsibly as ambassadors of Christ in a changing world.  We testify to a bond of love that transcends denominational, ethnic, racial, and cultural distinctions.