School Calendar

A sample calendar of a typical year at Rosslyn Academy is provided below .  For a detailed calendar of events please visit the Community Portal Page or learn more about the Community Portal sign in process.

Rosslyn Academy Sample Calendar

The school year at Rosslyn Academy is based on the North American school schedule.  The year is divided into two semesters that typically run from August-Mid-December (Semester 1) and January-May (Semester 2). Please note that while we are an American School we do observe all Kenyan Public Holidays.  Upon applying families will receive a detailed schedule of school holidays and breaks.

Semester 1

Early August- The school year begins. Generally the year begins on the second Tuesday of the month with a 1/2 day for students.

American Thanksgiving Observance- This falls in late November and provides a four day weekend for students.

Christmas Break- This break generally falls in the middle of December and lasts for 3 weeks, with students returning to school in the second week of January to begin Semester 2.

Semester 2

January- Semester 2 generally begins the 2nd week in January.

March/April- Spring Break generally falls sometime with these months.  It is one week in length.  It is sometimes tied to Easter Break, but not always.

End of May- The semester concludes during the last week of May.

Summer Holiday

There is no school during the months of June and July.