Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum is a rigorous and globally recognized program aimed at high-achieving, college-bound students who want to prepare themselves for entrance to strong universities. This highly regarded program is similar to the International Baccalaureate (IB) but is used much more widely in North America. It has also been invaluable for our students seeking entrance in top US, Canadian and European universities.

Rosslyn Academy is proud of our reputation as one of largest and most successful AP programs in Africa. Over the last ten years, the global pass rate on AP exams has been steady at approximately 61%. Rosslyn’s average pass rate over the same period has been 86%. The significant gap between Rosslyn’s students and the other four million high achieving students worldwide who take the AP each year is a strong testimony not only to our students – their intelligence and their work ethic – but also to the exceptional instruction they are receiving in the classroom daily.

Distinctly Advanced Placement

  • Rosslyn's average AP Pass Rate during the last ten years - 86% (25% above the global average)
  • 17 Different AP Courses offered
  • University credit often offered based on successful AP exam results
  • AP Courses offered primarily in grades 11 & 12
"The work I put in for these classes taught me how to study, how to stay organized and how to work hard. (We also) had a crazy success rate… which allowed me to get credit for college classes, and gave me huge flexibility to take the classes that I wanted in College.”Michael Gardner (2005), Ph.D, UC Davis

AP vS IB - Which program is better?

In trying to answer this question, Jay Matthews, an influential education blogger at the Washington Post, tells the story of Harlan Hanson, a man who has held leadership roles in both the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) programs. When it came time for each of his four children to choose a High School, Hanson laid out the pros and cons and gave them the choice – two chose AP and two chose IB. When asked point blank about which program is better, Matthews himself replies, ‘I try to dodge the question. Both programs are top-notch.’

When Rosslyn explored the two options several years ago, our conclusion was that, while each program is outstanding, the AP was a superior fit for our students and our educational community. Today, our conviction has only strengthened.

Why the AP Program?

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