Employment Application


Professional Staff

Application Requirements:

Review the following documents prior to completing the Pre-Employment Application Form:

Submit the following documents using the link below (for questions e-mail recruit@rosslynacademy.com):

The Categories of Staff:

Some of our staff are supported missionaries who are seconded to Rosslyn by their missionary agencies. Rosslyn has established unique agreements with each mission contributing staff that fit the needs of the school and that individual mission group.

Most of our staff, however, fall into one of two categories: direct hires (those staff hired directly from North America) and local hires (those staff who are in the country already for other reasons – either as a trailing spouse for an embassy or international organization or those who are Kenyan citizens or permanent residents).

The Pay and Benefits Package:

Our salary and benefits package depends on the category a staff member falls under. Our aim is to offer a pay and benefit package that will allow for a comfortable but modest standard of living. For more information contact the school at: recruit@rosslynacademy.com.