Our Board

Rosslyn Academy is governed and administered in accordance with the existing Constitution as approved by the Sponsoring Agencies: Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM), the Eastern Mennonite Mission (EMM), and the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Board assumes responsibility for the institutional, educational, financial and other policies concerning the operation of the school.

The Board of Governors believes in and is committed to governing Rosslyn Academy as a Christian School in an international setting, seeking to provide high quality education which meets North American school accreditation standards and explicitly espouses and promotes Christian values, principles and faith.

The Board consists of up to seven members, plus the school’s Superintendent, who is an ex-officio member. Each owner agency may appoint two members (and one alternate) to the Board. There is also, typically, an ‘at large’ member selected by the Board from outside of the owner agencies. The Board has about six meetings per year and an annual extended planning retreat.

Rosslyn’s Board Structure and Philosophy

The Board of Rosslyn Academy has adopted a philosophy, known as “Policy Governance”, that is used widely by NGOs and educational institutions around the world.  Policy Governance can be summed up in a couple of helpful analogies (the river analogy and the beautiful game analogy).

The River Analogy

river-3Imagine a river, a boat, the boat’s owners, a captain and an intended destination. 

As applied at Rosslyn Academy, Policy Governance can be summed up by saying that the Boat’s owners’ (represented by the Board) want their boat (Rosslyn) to get to a certain destination (Rosslyn’s mission, and purpose statements developed by the Board)

The owners’ then hire a competent captain (Rosslyn’s superintendent) to get the boat to its destination. 

When doing this, the owners’ give the captain a simple, overarching, and empowering order, “As long as you can demonstrate (through regular “monitoring reports”) that the boat is heading in the right direction, and is staying within the river banks (mission-aligned policies created by the Board), you have the freedom to get to the destination in any way you think is best.” 

And, conversely, “if you (the captain) don’t want to get to our chosen destination or aren’t staying within the parameters we have given you (policies), we will need to find another captain.”


The Beautiful Game Analogy

campus shots Nov 15-734In this analogy, the Board is like FIFA (the world’s governing body for football – aka soccer).  They create the rules and the aim of the game. The Superintendent is like the team coach or manager, who is tasked with creating a strategy to win - within the rules of the game.The staff of the school are the team who is in the trenches, playing the game and implementing the team’s strategy.With too many rules, the game loses its creativity and joy.  Skillful players aren’t able to demonstrate their talents, creative players are stifled and frustrated, and the game is dull and lifeless.With too few rules, the game gets chaotic, dangerous and ultimately ceases to be fun (or even retain an aim worth playing for).

However, when FIFA (the Board) get it right – by creating a compelling aim and developing a set of rules (policies) that give enough parameters to provide order and purpose, but not so many that joy and creativity are ruined – the coach and the players are freed up to enjoy a game that is both beautiful and fun.  It is a game that is full of players who are motivated to play hard, freed up to express their unique gifts and reveling in the dynamic innovation and creativity that the rules of the game have unleashed.


The 2017-18 Board consists of:

Aram DiGennaro (Chair)

EMM representative, Rosslyn Board since 2008
Parent of two Rosslyn students
MBA candidate, Thunderbird School of Global Management
M.Div. Eastern Mennonite Seminary
BA Psychology, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Currently serving with his wife, Debbi, as Regional Directors for EMM in East Africa

Karen Hanson (Vice Chair)

Assemblies of God (AG) Representative
BA Cross Cultural Communications

Diana Bledsoe (Secretary)

International Mission Board (IMB) Representative
BS Early Childhood/Elementary Ed
6 years of teaching experience in the state of Indiana and 9 years of homeschooling experience.

Kevin Rodgers

International Mission Board (IMB) Representative (Serves at the strategy leader for East Africa)
B.A. in English and a B.A. in Speech Communication from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Masters of Divinity from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary
PH.D. in Missions from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
They have been in Zambia for 20 years and just recently moved to Kenya.

Brandon Jones

EMM Representative, Rosslyn Board since 2014
Graduate of the University of Oklahoma

Chao Wanje

At-large member
Rosslyn parent since 2008 (Two children at Rosslyn)
Graduate of University of New Mexico (B.A in Communication and Management); Trinity College and Seminary (M.A Biblical Counseling, PhD Biblical Counseling)
Currently serving with her husband as directors of FamilyLife Kenya, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International