Distinctly Rosslyn

With many good international schools in Nairobi, what makes Rosslyn stand apart?


Welcoming Community

Rosslyn is not an institution. It is a community. Our Christian educational ethos assumes that learning and growth happen in and through relationships - relationships with teachers, fellow students, parents, and God. This principle extends not just to the classroom, the sports fields, and the arts. It extends to the vital partnership between parents and teachers, the welcome you receive from our security team when you arrive, and the awareness that we are all united behind a common mission.


Deeply-rooted Christian beliefs and values permeate our learning community. Loving God and loving our neighbor are the two highest aims in life; this belief shapes everything we do. Because of this perspective we see education as not simply a means of getting into a good college, getting a good job, and retiring early. Instead, education is the powerful and transformative means by which we grow into being “difference makers” in a world that desperately needs light and hope.


“International school” means different things to different people. For some it means having a non-local curriculum. For others it means a faculty that are trained and certified in an international curriculum. Still others think of the international flavor of the student body. Among the many strong “international” schools in Nairobi, Rosslyn is among a very small number that checks all three of these boxes. The result is a richly diverse and cosmopolitan learning environment in which virtually every class will include students from every continent presenting their perspectives, asking interesting questions, and preparing each other to be leaders in tomorrow's global village.

American Curriculum

While the ethos of the school is shaped by its international diversity and the rich influence of our host country of Kenya, Rosslyn is one of three schools in Nairobi that is based on American curriculum. What is distinctive about the American model is not only the content of the courses, but also the culture and philosophy of teaching and learning that infuses that curriculum. Instead of fact memorization and lecture-based learning in preparation for high-stakes examinations, Rosslyn believes that learning is most powerful and lasting when it is a rigorous, creative and collaborative partnership between teacher and student in the pursuit of truth.