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The environment of a school is not educationally neutral. It plays an important role in learning. For this reason, some have called architecture and campus design the "third teacher." We agree. So what does Rosslyn's campus say about how we view learning?

History Matters

The administration, wellness, and chapel tower buildings form the symbolic heart of our 40-acre campus and reflect our conviction that thoughtful innovation includes learning from our past. This healthy blend of tradition and innovation is a part of what makes Rosslyn, Rosslyn. (Deuteronomy 32:7)

Beauty Matters

What often strikes visitors is the beauty of our campus. This interest in beauty that is seen in the landscaping, the use of public art, and the layout of the buildings is rooted in the belief that the pursuit of beauty has real educational, moral, and spiritual value. (Philippians 4:8)

Environmental Stewardship Matters

Whether seen in the solar plant that, on sunny days, powers up to 90% of our school electricity needs, the Water Treatment Plant that allows us to recycle and reuse up to 50% of our water, the two recycling centers, or the thousands of indigenous trees that cover our campus, Rosslyn is demonstrating our conviction that we are responsible for being stewards of God’s creation. (Psalms 65:9-13)

Thanks to intentional architecture and campus design, the values of spiritual and intellectual rootedness, beauty, and environmental stewardship infuse Rosslyn’s learning environment. As they do, they are more than just a passive backdrop. They are an active and important part of Rosslyn’s educational culture. As we renovate old structures and build new ones, these same values will continue to be visible.