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Student Support Services

Rosslyn Academy offers various services to students to fulfill the mission statement: “to inspire and equip each student to develop their God-given gifts for Christ-like service in the world community.” An advisory body called the Student Support Team meets regularly to enable mutual support and to best assist “at-risk” students. The Student Support Team functions to ensure that a holistic view of each student is considered and to coordinate services and efforts.

The student services offered at Rosslyn are described in detail below.

Chaplaincy and Pastoral Services

Rosslyn Academy has several personnel designated to provide students with spiritual and mentoring support, and all Rosslyn teachers view discipleship of students as part of their role. Additionally, the Elementary School Chaplain and Secondary Chaplains organize weekly chapel services.

There are two full-time Chaplains to serve the Middle and High School students and staff. In Middle School and High School, the students attend a weekly chapel service and are offered an optional weekly small group or discipleship meeting for both boys and girls. The two full-time chaplains in High School also organize and lead a yearly Junior and Senior Integrity Retreat and Spiritual Emphasis Week.

Guidance Counseling

The Guidance Office consists of one full-time High School Guidance Counselor. Assistance is given to high school students (grades 9-12) with scheduling and course selection, as well as to work through their current academic concerns. Parents are welcome to inquire about their child’s academic progress. The Guidance Counselor is also available to help students in making their post-secondary plans. University planning events are held each semester to assist parents and students as they navigate the application and planning process.

The Guidance Office offers a library of university and career materials. Each year, numerous university representatives from around the world visit the Rosslyn campus to meet with our students and parents and are available to answer questions and provide first-hand information.

Rosslyn Academy is a testing center for the SAT (SAT I), SAT Subject (SAT II), ACT, and AP exams. Registration for the SAT must be done through LTS (, 020-232-5834) or online at Registration for ACT must be done online at Advanced Placement (AP) exams are taken through the school and payment is made directly to Rosslyn. Universities may require the TOEFL (Test of English Fluency) exam for international students. Registration and testing information regarding the TOEFL can be obtained by contacting LTS (see information above).

The Guidance Office internally administers standardized tests each year for the high school, including the PSAT. Registration and payment for the PSAT is done internally through the counseling office; no external registration is needed.

Learning Support

Rosslyn Academy provides learning support (special education) services for students with mild to moderate learning needs. With accommodations and pullout and inclusion services, these students must be able to participate in a mainstream regular education classroom (and in high school, a college preparatory curriculum). Typical disabilities served at Rosslyn Academy include reading disability, dyslexia, math disability, dysgraphia, ADHD, speech and/or language disorder, etc. Rosslyn Academy is not typically able to admit students with moderate-severe learning needs. However, all applicants are considered on a case-by-case basis, and admission depends on the school’s ability to serve the student well. Families with students with moderate-severe learning challenges may be charged an additional Learning Support fee in order to fund additional services as needed. Rosslyn Academy does not typically admit students with moderate-severe intellectual or emotional disabilities.

For further information, please contact Student Support Services at:

English Language Learners

An English Language Learner (ELL) is someone who is learning the English language in addition to their own first language. The purpose of the Rosslyn Academy ELL program is to support ELL students as they acquire linguistic skills that will help them participate fully at school, both academically and socially. This program also supports core subject teachers of ELL students as they differentiate teaching methods and assignments for ELL students. The High School also offers a Transitional English class for ELL students to ensure a smooth transition into the upper level English classes in grades 11 and 12.

For further information, please contact Student Support Services at:

Transition Care Services

The Transition Care program at Rosslyn Academy exists to work with students, teachers, administrators, and parents to facilitate smooth transitions to a new school or culture as well as between grade placements. The transition program at Rosslyn Academy is managed by the Transition Coordinator and the transition team. The transition team consists of the Transition Coordinator, High School and Middle School Chaplain, and the Counseling Department. This team works in conjunction with the Principals in each school, the Student Support Team, and the Guidance Department to ensure that incoming and transitioning students receive the appropriate services and support during their time at Rosslyn.

We offer support and events for new incoming students and families, and for those transitioning schools (Elementary to Middle, Middle to High, and seniors transitioning to university).

If you have any questions regarding our Transition program, please contact our Student Support Team at


The Rosslyn Academy Counseling Department aims to work with students, teachers, parents and administrators to facilitate positive growth and change in the personal, social, developmental, emotional, and academic functioning of students. The goal is to help each student develop his/her God-given gifts for Christ-like service in the world community by addressing their emotional, behavioral and spiritual needs.

The Counseling Department works closely with the Learning Support Team, Chaplaincy Department, Transition Care, Guidance Office and school Principals to implement and coordinate school-based interventions (including creating Behavioral Intervention Plans and 504s for emotional/behavioral disabilities) that will help students struggling with academic, social or emotional problems.

The Counseling Department has staff in Elementary, Middle and High School. Students may request an appointment with the counselor on their own, or they may be referred through their teachers, parents, and administrators.

In addition to providing individual care for students, the counseling department is active in other areas that affect the school community, including Child Safety and Protection.


The Learning Support department works to maintain a list of available tutors for students interested in hiring a tutor for academic help. Students are encouraged to talk first with their classroom teacher, then with their guidance counselor if they feel this is an arrangement they would like to pursue.

Child Safety and Protection

Child Safety and Protection Rosslyn Academy believes that the safety of the children in our community is a priority. As a result, we have memberships with two different child protection networks:

  • Child Protection & Advocacy Network – a network of international schools in Nairobi that work together to provide support and resources on child safety issues.
  • Child Safety & Protection Network – an international body that aids schools and organizations in developing procedures that follow best practices.
  • Rosslyn works to train staff members, parents, and students on our child safety policies and ways in which we can help keep our students safe. Additionally, we have a policy that guides the counseling department and administration in managing situations that might arise.

Child Safety Policy
Concerns Referral Form