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At Rosslyn Academy, we believe that learning is a transformative process that enables our students to engage with others in the world around them through cultivated knowledge, developed skills, and instilled spiritual values. Our approach to teaching and learning throughout our academy is designed to foster an environment where students feel safe to ask questions, explore, and apply their understanding of learned knowledge to various surrounding contexts.

Rosslyn Academy teaching and learning empowers students to:

  • Engage in intellectual thought, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Collaborate with peers to deconstruct and reconstruct knowledge to understand different perspectives.
  • Apply knowledge to real-world settings through service learning and problem-solving projects.
  • Reflect on personal growth and set goals for future learning.
  • Strive for excellence in everything they do.
  • Emulate Christ in their daily interactions.

Standards of Learning

Rosslyn Academy classroom instruction is driven by North American standards and benchmarks that develop the knowledge and skills necessary for all students to be successful.

K-12 Math Standards – Aero
K-12 Science Standards – NGSS
K-12 World Languages – ACTFL
K-12 Social Studies Standards – Aero
K-12 Technology Standards – ISTE
K-12 Physical Education Standards – SHAPE
K-12 ELA Standards – Aero

Faithful Teaching and Learning

Our mission is to “inspire and equip each student to develop their God-given gifts for Christ-like service in the world community.” Our philosophy of teaching and learning centers upon a belief that God, the creator of all things, is at the center of each subject taught. Keeping these two important factors in mind, we view faithful teaching and learning through three interrelated lenses: Integration, Worldview, and Formation.

Integration allows our teachers to “reintegrate” God into our academic content areas. Simply put, it allows teachers to call attention to where God is evident in learning and life.  The Worldview lens allows us to share a Christian worldview, based on the Bible, while teaching students to recognize other worldviews. Worldview thinking is woven into the deep “essential questions” of our curriculum, and also comes up in daily conversations, both inside and outside of the classroom. The Formation lens explores the intersection of faith and learning, including the act of learning itself. It allows teachers to showcase to students that we are all daily being “formed” in our thinking, our appetites, and our actions; we seek to be formed to be more like Jesus.

At Rosslyn Academy, we believe that faithful teaching and learning brings glory to God and builds His Kingdom of peace and flourishing. Our teachers consistently look for moments to be intentional and plan for faithful teaching and learning during classes taking advantage of the opportunities the Holy Spirit creates.

Teaching and Learning Co-curricular Faith Opportunities

At Rosslyn Academy, our Christian faith is woven into every aspect of student daily lives, starting with teacher-led morning devotions in each classroom and extending to weekly chapel services that welcome all students for corporate worship, Christian teaching, discipleship, and spiritual growth. These practices, alongside our Spiritual Emphasis Week, are designed to deepen faith commitments and encourage personal reflection. The richness of our spiritual life, where students are challenged to examine their faith, extends through diverse formats like the Cultural Field Studies program, service days, and extracurricular activities such as athletics and performing arts, all promoting opportunities for Christian witness and service.

The relationships formed between students, peers, and teachers at Rosslyn Academy offer unique chances for faith development, supported by various student-led groups and events focused on youth fellowship and Christian teaching. We desire Rosslyn Academy to be a loving and caring community that provides students the freedom to dialogue, debate, and learn about the Christian faith. Our hope is that every student might receive the gift of salvation and commit himself/herself to serving God and sharing Christ throughout the world.

Academic Accreditation

Rosslyn Academy’s academic programming and operations are fully accredited and endorsed by two revered educational agencies: The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and The Middle States Association (MSA).


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Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬   
Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬   
Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬   


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