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Elementary School

Rosslyn Academy Elementary School is a vibrant international community with excellent learning opportunities. Students from all over the world come together with North American-trained and certified teachers to build a community where we learn from each other in an atmosphere of caring, discovery, and inquiry. Quality teaching and learning are key to growth in our children — academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Rosslyn Academy is pleased to offer a wide range of service learning opportunities. Each grade level has partnered with a local school to understand the culture within Kenya better. Our fifth graders have a unique opportunity to participate in a Cultural Field Study trip. We aim to build compassionate students with a global mindset.


Rosslyn celebrates diversity and believes all students can learn. Our staff actively seeks to cultivate a motivating environment for students where their learning needs are met. They aim to help students understand and draw connections in what they are learning. Rosslyn seeks to equip students to see their growth and take responsibility for their learning. In the Elementary School, each grade level has self-contained classes for core subject areas. We are blessed to have teachers who specialize in subjects like art, P.E., science, music, technology, health, Kiswahili and Kenyan culture, and research skills.

Spiritual Life

Rosslyn Academy pursues a holistic approach to education, not only academically but spiritually as well. We start our days with devotion and prayer. Apart from our Bible curriculum that is taught at each grade level, teachers seek to weave God’s Truth throughout all curriculum.
Once a week, students attend chapel to reflect and learn more about God’s Word and how they see Him in their own lives. In addition, each year, our students are eager to participate in Spiritual Emphasis Week, where they can interact with a theme, create crafts, sing songs, and listen to whole-school messages.


Rosslyn Academy Elementary School offers a wide variety of clubs, intramural teams, and swim teams outside of the regular classroom. Students are encouraged to participate to enrich their academic experience and enhance their unique giftings and interests.

Rosslyn values teamwork, inclusivity, and skill development. The intramurals offered once a week, as well as our after-school swim team, provide these opportunities. These activities are offered to students from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  In addition, an after-school club program is available for all students on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:45-5:15. Rosslyn is proud of the scope of clubs that are available to choose from.


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Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬   
Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬   
Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬    Inspire, Equip, Serve    ⚬