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Service Learning


Service Learning


Service Learning

A key component of Rosslyn Academy’s mission and core values is its emphasis on service. We seek to inspire and equip students to develop their God-given gifts so that they will go out into the world community to serve others by following the pattern of Jesus Christ. Service is one of the five core values (Service, Christlikeness, Community, Excellence, and Intellectual Virtue) that Rosslyn intentionally prioritizes and is deeply embedded in the educational experience provided at Rosslyn. Students at each grade level are taught the value of service and are given the opportunity to put this into action through important programs, as well as through the natural development of character that occurs in our daily interactions.

Active service and leadership development opportunities are provided in all schools. These groups are active in planning school events and opportunities for service to foster healthy relationships with partner communities and a collaborative school culture.

Download our Philosophy of Service Learning

Philosophy of Service Learning

Cultural Field Studies

An important part of service is taking time to learn about others.  Relationships provide the open doorway for reciprocal service and growth to occur.  Our Cultural Field Studies program creates intentional space for deeper levels of understanding between the people of Kenya and our students.

The Cultural Field Studies program is intended to:

  1. Develop cross-cultural competency and cross-cultural humility
  2. Heighten understanding and appreciation of cultural aspects, traditions, and customs of different people groups throughout Kenya
  3. Increase awareness of needs in the world and instill a desire within each student to respond compassionately to those needs through relational service
  4. Develop global learners that pursue relationships of mutuality, respect, humility, and love
  5. Deepen an awareness of God’s active presence within ourselves, those around us, and the created world.

In order to accomplish these goals, the CFS program immerses students in rural Kenyan settings for several days and focuses on grade-specific themes.  Throughout their tenure at Rosslyn (Grades 5-12), students will visit a wide variety of locations, will experience life in many regions of Kenya, and will participate in cultural interactions that build relationships as well as engage their hearts, hands, and minds in practical service projects. Students participate in the day-to-day life of rural Kenyan communities, institutions, and families in an effort to build relationships and to learn from them.  Students also engage in service projects based on the desires and expressed needs of the host community.  Such projects are planned in collaboration with community leaders.

Group Service Projects

Teachers are encouraged to incorporate service initiatives into their classrooms and curriculum whenever possible.  This type of service may take place during the school day, after school, or on the weekend. These projects may take place within our own Rosslyn community or take place beyond our walls.  Such initiatives promote a shared learning experience of service and are a way for the school to model its commitment of service to others.

Student-Led Service Initiatives

When possible, student-led service initiatives are encouraged at Rosslyn, as they are evidence of an effective and successful Service Learning Program.  These initiatives can be coordinated by HS Clubs, student groups, or individual students.  Currently, there are several student-led service groups in the HS, which include Project Imagine, Viakpu na Viakpu, the Rosslyn Green Club, the Disabilities Awareness Club, and the National Honors Society (NHS).

The Christmas Project

The Christmas Project is an annual event where the Rosslyn community voluntarily provides financial and/or material assistance for worthy local organizations and charities. Through this, God’s love is shown to those who are less fortunate. A committee of Rosslyn staff members receives applications and reviews them to identify particular “projects” that will help change lives and to see that all the funds given are used as intended. Students take the initiative to raise money through bake sales, toy drives, doing extra chores at home, class projects, and other creative ways. This project seeks to teach the value of working together, sharing generously, and giving back to the community. In the past few years, Rosslyn has been able to help several charitable organizations in significant ways.

Spiritual Life Opportunities

Students in Middle and High School have the opportunity to serve on their respective school’s Student Leadership Team, Chapel Visionary Team, Friday Night Fellowship, and Worship Teams.  These programs are coordinated and directed by the Secondary Chaplains.