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Spiritual Life


Spiritual Life


Spiritual Life

One of the core values at Rosslyn Academy is Christ-likeness, imitating Jesus Christ in all that we do and say as individuals and as a school. This aim is at the heart of the school's culture and is the foundation for the other four Core Values – Excellence, Service, Intellectual Virtue, and Community. Rosslyn values the spiritual development of each student and provides opportunities at each grade level for students to grow in their knowledge and understanding of who God is. This is done through an integrated Christian Religious Education (CRE) curriculum at each grade level, weekly chapel services, a variety of discipleship group opportunities, and morning devotions and prayer at the beginning of each day.



In Elementary School, classes begin each day with morning devotions and prayer. Each grade’s curriculum includes a CRE class built around Bible knowledge which is developmentally tailored to that age’s understanding. Our teachers also integrate their Christian faith and values into the life of the class and the various curriculum areas they teach.

Each week there is a chapel period composed of singing and a variety of learning activities centered on God’s Word. Activities include: practicing how to study and understand the Bible in age-appropriate ways, spiritual disciplines (prayer, singing, etc.), and activity-based learning. Teachers often then integrate these ideas in their classrooms, providing rich discussion around important concepts. Parental discussion worksheets and questions are provided to encourage engagement at home for interested families. In addition, our Elementary School Chaplain runs a variety of programs throughout the week that are integrated throughout the life of the school and include things like discipleship groups, individual pastoral care for students, book groups, and lunch and recess social groups. For elementary spiritual life, there is a high focus placed on asking questions and being curious about spiritual things with spaces cultivated in classrooms, one on one interactions, and in chapels to address questions about God. Each year there is a Spiritual Emphasis Week when time is set aside to focus on knowing God better and learning more about Him in engaging and creative ways.


Middle School

Rosslyn Academy Middle School strives to educate students wholly, including seeking to help students grow spiritually. Class begins each day with morning devotions and prayer time. Students are also encouraged to grow spiritually through weekly chapel services. Students are invited to be a part of the Middle School worship team, to join the Spiritual Life Committee, and to share other God-given gifts and talents with their peers in the chapel setting.  Students are encouraged to participate in a discipleship group with a variety of days and times available to them each week.

The Middle School has a Spiritual Emphasis Week once a year, which often involves a guest speaker coming to encourage and challenge students in their walk with Christ. Students take Christian Religious Education (CRE) for one semester each year they are at Rosslyn Academy.

  • Grade 6 – Understanding the Bible: God’s Revelation of Himself
  • Grade 7 – Knowing God Through His Redemptive Story: Covenantal Love
  • Grade 8 – Knowing God Through His Redemptive Story: A New Kind of King and Kingdom

High School

A wide range of opportunities for spiritual growth is available and encouraged for Rosslyn Academy High School students. Faculty members are committed Christians who provide devotional time and prayer at the start of each school day and who seek to integrate their faith into the courses they teach.  Students participate in weekly chapel services which are designed to teach, disciple, and encourage from Scripture those who already have a personal relationship with Christ while inspiring and drawing to faith those of other faith backgrounds. In addition, each year the High School dedicates a week to spiritual formation and learning.

This week is called Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW). During this week, guest speakers challenge students to evaluate their spiritual life and to dedicate themselves more fully to God’s purposes for their life.

Each student also participates in Christian Religious Education (CRE) courses each year of attendance. The High School CRE courses are designed for students to interact with Scripture and to better understand the teachings of Christianity. The courses follow a specific sequence and build on one another.

  • Grade 9 – Old Testament
  • Grade 10 – New Testament
  • Grade 11 – Christian Worldview
  • Grade 12 – Christian Engagement and Response

Finally, Students are encouraged to grow personally in their faith by active participation in worship teams, Spiritual Life Committee, Bible study groups, prayer groups, and discipleship groups led by our chaplains and teachers.  These small groups work to challenge the students to grow in Christian knowledge and faith, to be accountable to each other, and to serve one another.