Rosslyn Academy offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities to enhance and enrich our students' academic experience. A big component of this is our athletic program. There are opportunities for students to participate in the Elementary, Middle and High School.


Rosslyn Academy Elementary School offers a wide variety of clubs, teams, and groups outside of the regular classroom, and students are encouraged to participate to enhance and enrich their academic experience.

Physical Education classes are held twice a week for each grade. These classes are designed to develop the appropriate skills, team learning, and attitudes at each developmental level while also teaching the fundamentals of sports ranging from swimming to football.

Intramural sports are held after school one day a week for the 3rd through 5th graders. All students are encouraged to participate, and all who do so play in the games. Emphasis is on participation, enjoyment, and learning game skills.

There are normally four sports seasons with a final game in each season. Sports seasons typically include football, touch rugby, field hockey and basketball. In addition, an after-school competitive swim team is available to all students, from Kindergarten to 12th grade, who qualify through try-outs. This swim team practices at the swimming pool on Rosslyn Academy’s campus.


Middle School

In addition to the integration of Physical Education in the daily schedule of classes, Rosslyn’s middle school students have the opportunity to participate in our after school intramural and inter-school sports program.

In Middle School, the intramural program is comprised of three seasons. Season 1 (September – November) is girls basketball and boys football. Season 2 (January – March) is girls football and boys basketball as well both boys and girls field hockey. Season 3 (April – May) is girls volleyball and boys rugby.

After 4 – 6 weeks of an intramural season, inter-school teams are selected for the remainder of the season. These teams host other schools at home and also travel to other schools to play in regular season and tournament matches. Inter-school track is also offered during Seasons 1 (Under 15) and 3 (Under 13 and possibly Under 15).


High School

High School students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of inter-school sports teams. Rosslyn competes as a member of the KAIS Sports League (Kenya Association of International Schools). We also participate in an annual sports tournament through the International Christian Schools of Africa - which includes sister schools such as: Bingham Academy (Ethiopia), HOPAC (Tanzania), Dakar Academy (Senegal), and Heritage International School (Uganda), among others. The annual ICSA tournament is hosted in a different location each year.

The Rosslyn sports calendar is divided into 3 separate seasons and fields over 20 different teams. Most sports field a Varsity and a Junior Varsity squad which allows for greater participation and assists with the development of younger players for the tougher competition at the Varsity level. Rosslyn competes in girls and boys football, basketball, cross country, volleyball, field hockey, rugby, swimming and tennis. Over half of the high school student body participates in at least one sport.

Rosslyn has a rich tradition of success on the fields of competition, which is reflected by the many banners that hang from the gymnasium ceiling. Yet, while Rosslyn plays to win, our focus on developing the body, mind and soul of the student-athlete means that how the students play matters to us even more than the final score.

The coaching staff works to develop Christian character and sportsmanship in our athletes. Rosslyn encourages athletic participation not only because of the joy it brings to those involved, but because it teaches virtues such as discipline, determination, commitment to others, and teamwork.


Athletic Seasons

Season 1
August through mid-November
Girls Basketball, Boys Football, Cross country (co-ed), Swimming (co-ed) , Tennis (co-ed)

Season 2
Late November through early March
Boys Basketball, Girls and Boys Field Hockey, Girls Football, Swimming (co-ed)

Season 3
Mid-March through early May
Boys and Girls Volleyball, Girls and Boys Rugby, Swimming (co-ed)


Swimming is a school wide sport that involves participation from Kindergarten to 12th Grade. This is a competitive swim team and students compete in age level appropriate swim meets with various schools from around Kenya.