We believe every child is created in the image of God, and that our purpose, through nurturing, hands-on, and play-based learning, is to help each child realize and develop their unique God-given gifts.

School is a place where loving relationships matter. Our small class size allows us to know each child well. We believe this nurturing and relationship-based approach to learning is key to the social, emotional, spiritual and academic growth that allows every Rosslyn preschooler to enter kindergarten with confidence.

Distinctly Preschool

  • Half day program with morning and afternoon options
  • Maximum class size: 14 students
  • 1 lead teacher + 1 teacher assistant
  • Student must turn 4 years old by August 1st to enroll
My child enjoys Preschool. 93% "Strongly Agree" 7% "Agree"Rosslyn Preschool Parent Survey, 2019

The preschool program is:

  • Experience-based: With a focus on creating experiences for children to learn through doing something active, rather than through listening and watching.
  • Play-based: Where the educational environment is staged to ensure children are exposed to a multitude of learning opportunities as they choose their own play activities.
  • Child-led: Where the child has input in deciding what to learn about, when to learn about it, and for how long they will focus on it.

We believe all children are:

  • Capable of learning
  • Creative
  • Thinkers
  • Explorers
  • Problem solvers
  • Investigators
  • Individuals
  • Communicators (in different ways)

We want our students to:

  • Be able to effectively develop their social and problem-solving abilities
  • Learn and grow in God’s love
  • Develop early literacy and numeracy skills
  • Explore science and nature concepts
  • Enjoy music and physical experiences
  • Care for others
  • Have fun in an interactive learning environment
  • Develop their creativity and curiosity
  • Prepare well for Kindergarten

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